Performing a massage

How to do erotic massage

To pamper your loved one, to increase the desire for physical intimacy, to enjoy the fact that a man is completely in your power – with touch you can achieve all of this at the same time.

The purpose of the massage is to relieve bodily tension and warm up sexual tension, therefore your task – despite your partner’s attempts to turn on the usual “erotic rails” as soon as possible – is to finish what you started. Invite your loved one to play the game “No hands” and warn that he has no right to touch you until you give him permission.

In order for the massage to resemble a love prelude, and not a medical examination, take off all your clothes yourself and ask your loved one to do the same. A comfortable temperature in the room (the touch of icy fingers and goosebumps excite few people), the absence of external stimuli (it is better to turn off the phones) – these are the conditions for the success of your sexual provocation. Twilight, candles, the sound of a waterfall or the sea, birds chirping, recorded on a disc – at will.

Consider your choice of massage oil carefully.

First, find out if your loved one is allergic to any odors, if you still haven’t figured it out.
Secondly, be sure to taste the oil, because this type of massage uses not only hands, but also lips.

You can buy oil, or you can create your own erotic composition by adding a couple of drops of aromatic oils to any vegetable oil.

Basic rule: erotic massage is performed in a slightly different way than general. No intense patting, squeezing, hyperenergy rubbing. Movements should be light, gentle and, most importantly, rhythmic.


1) Sit behind your partner. Rub your palms – feel how warmth and energy spreads through them. Then place them on the forehead of your loved one.

2) Place your left hand on your right and start pressing lightly on your forehead. While doing this, slowly count to 10 and gradually increase the pressure. Take your hands off for a couple of seconds and repeat the same thing again.

3) Now proceed to massage the scalp – first perform it with your palms, then with your fingertips (direction of movement from the hairline to the back of the head). You can touch his hair, if any, and even tug lightly on individual strands, only affectionately.

4) Finish the head massage by gently touching your lips to his eyelids.


1) Apply massage oil to your hands, warm it in your palms, let your palms slide over the entire surface of his body, from top to bottom, to his thighs.

2) Then, with light circular movements, massage the abdomen, including the bottom, tease your beloved – in no case touch his penis.

3) Now repeat steps 1 and 2, only use lips or chest instead of hands.


The main rule is not to harm! If you are not a professional chiropractor, then no strong pressure on those areas of the back where the skin is thin and the ribs appear, and it is better to bypass the spine area altogether. Ask your loved one to roll over onto their stomach.

1) Place your hands on your partner’s buttocks, slowly move first up and then down along the spine.

2) Massage your back from top to bottom in a circular motion. Move your arms first, then your thumbs, then your fingertips. Pay special attention to the buttocks, here you can act more intensely.

3) You can “go down” even lower and massage the inner thighs.

4) With the back of your hands, slide your partner’s back up, then down.

5) Then, achieve maximum contact of the bodies, depending on your physical shape and size – sit on top (in this case, it is better to lean on your hands on the sides of your partner’s body) or ask him to turn on his side and press his whole body from his back. In either case, try to concentrate on the breathing of your loved one and adjust to it – breathe at the same time with him, at the same pace.

The end of the “session” may be a gentle nibbling of the earlobes, the back of the neck, elbow bends, nipples – if there is a desire to “hooligan”, after nibbling breathe warm air on all of the above sensitive areas. Then you can draw the language “path” from
navel down – to the very penis. However, it is up to you and only you to decide whether to switch from erotic massage to oral sex.