Massage tricks

Little tricks of erotic massage

Функции эротического массажаErotic massage for a man is an intimate art, and therefore there is no clearly and simply established set of rules that would allow to work out a multipurpose technique. The real movements, and the emphasis on special zones and the list of different taboos largely depend on the characteristics of your loved one. Exclusively really feeling your own partner, you can understand where and how you move on.

There are little tricks that can help you awaken love in a guy, even if this is your first time doing a massage like this.

No hands – you will agree in advance with your partner about not touching you. To be sure, you have the opportunity to carefully tie his hands. If your loved one is deprived of the prospect of touching you, this will greatly increase his sexual desire.

Let’s play
during the massage, as if by mistake, touch the genitals of the parterre with your hand. Play with him, be unpredictable – this will only increase his attraction.

Apply exciting scents
during the period of this specific sexual play, you also have the opportunity to use essential oils as an assistant, but those with a stimulating effect, for example, orange or cypress oil.

More passion
many men love biting or touching with their nails, but be careful not to hurt your partner.

Tactile senses
try to touch individual zones with hair or, for example, a silk belt – for completely different men, such techniques are simply stunning. You also have the opportunity to approach the area of ​​the back of the head and armpits in an extraordinary way: it is erotic to breathe on them.

You must know when to stop
make sure that the representative of the stronger sex does not burn out – if he oversaturated and cools, then instead of a passionate night you will be given dissatisfaction and disappointment.

If you want to find out how to do erotic massage, use not only theoretical advice – trust your own intuition. In order for your partner to relax, get excited and be ready for a bright outburst of passion, he simply must feel that you are undoubtedly ready for it.