Massage for a man

Erotic massage – a guide for smart women

Эротический массаж в подарок“Correct” erotic massage is a combination of classic massage techniques and petting. Since everything is clear with the first part – the movements are described in any book on massage, then with the second there are some nuances that directly depend on the preferences of partners. Some, for example, are more turned on by spanking and nibbling, while others are excited by touching an ice cube on the body or, as an option, from tickling with a brush.

So, you still decided to do an erotic massage for the first time in your personal life, but you are afraid to give a blunder. Then follow our instructions, and you will see that there will be no end to those willing.

And so let’s call it “safety precautions” or preparation for “erotic massage”: short-cut nails, a minimum amount of alcohol, warm hands of the masseur. And so by chance, not only the hands should be warm, but also the room is desirable: it will be very difficult for a freezing person to relax.

The erotic massage itself can be done anywhere (it all depends on your violent imagination), if you do it for the first time, then the most ideal option would be a bed, although it could be the floor or even a billiard table. You should not be smart and invent a bicycle, massage techniques, stroking, rubbing, kneading, tapping, tingling, vibration, can be applied throughout the body, including the genitals. However, to beat, for example, the penis is better without fanaticism, otherwise the massage will end in traumatology.
Don’t forget about erogenous zones! It is clear that they are different for different people, but, for example, caressing the tongue and fingers between the fingers, gentle touching the lower leg, light massage and stroking the neck and occipital region, touching the popliteal fossa, patting and pinching the buttocks, kissing and nibbling between the shoulder blades , almost everyone gives pleasure and for sure your partner will react by the excitement of his own speaking, which was required.
Do not regret massage oil, by the way about oil, you can safely use Dohnson’s baby oil for the body, and do not forget the lubricant for massage the penis (oil can cause irritation, although, again, if this is Dohnson’s baby, then there should be no irritation).

Erotic massage is a wonderful drug for bonding and the first step to sex. And if your partner is not particularly ready to talk about his sexual weaknesses, then I doubt that he will refuse the massage. I am sure that in the process, you yourself will know what gives him the greatest pleasure.

Do not rush, massage does not like this, do everything with feeling, and not in a hurry. By the way, if you are doing a massage, it does not mean that you should be silent, like a fish, typing water in your mouth, you can tell in a quiet and velvety voice whether you are massaging strong biceps or a wonderful big penis. I assure you, this kind of accompaniment will give your partner a lot of pleasure and set him up in a positive, erotic way. Do not forget that if your partner thinks about extraneous things (about work, about the weather, about beer), your grandiose impulse will be vividly replaced by fatigue, and he is a bastard, he may fall asleep from disappointment.
Massage the whole body as a whole: from the neck to the toes and in no case stop contact with the person being massaged, no matter what you do, one of the hands should constantly touch your partner.
For starters, we recommend taking a bath. And if its size allows it, then it is better to do it together. If not, arrange a show for your partner, for example under the name “Cleopatra and her slave” or “The Sultan and the concubine.” Just please go to the extreme – just wash it. It is an indisputable fact that warm water, aromatic oils and salts relax and also calm the nerves and insist on a sensual wave. You can lather and rub your partner’s skin both with your hands and with a washcloth, the main thing is that you do it slowly and gently. Let me tell you a little secret: the feet and hands have a reason not only to wash, but to stretch each finger.
Well, when our partner is clean, fragrant and complacent – we pass to the main part of the “Marlezon Ballet”.

Lay him on his stomach and stroke as you would like in his place, and carefully monitor his reaction. Ideally, during massage, soft and hard movements should alternate with each other. The last strokes should be barely noticeable so that your parterre gets the feeling that you are simply driving air over his body. Advice this stage of the massage is enough to give ten minutes, this will be quite enough.

If your beloved is perfectly clean, and you are relaxed, suck or lick his toes. He will go mad with delight. Or bite his buttocks, I think it will be a pleasant surprise for him. You can gently spank him, because sometimes he can be a painfully bad boy.

And now we turn him over on his back and again massage and stroke. So far, we do not touch the correction of the causal place at all, but pay great attention to the inner surface of the thighs – touching this part of the body of the massaged lover should excite him orderly.
Hurray, the home stretch, in fact, for the sake of which everything was started – to massage the genitals, and the name of the penis. Squeeze (without sadism) and stroke the testicles, massaging them under the skin. We massage, the penis with moistened hands or masturbate in Russian. When we begin to understand that orgasm is just around the corner, the movements should be stopped and the head should be squeezed for a couple of seconds. Repeat the procedure several times and after orgasm, he will announce to you that he has never had (or has not been for a long time) for so long and very strongly.
P / S / REMEMBER! Orgasm should become an unobtrusive gift, not a Formula 1 cup, to which you both fly with the stubbornness of a maniac, let it be the well-coordinated work of the driver and co-driver of the Paris-Dakar rally. Silent music, a lighted aroma lamp or candles – romanticism has lived and will live.