For a boost of energy

Erotic massage is an unforgettable pleasure for a man

What is erotic massage? This is a variant of manual influence in which all the erogenous zones of the partner are stimulated. These should be known by heart, and try different types of influences on them to see what effect can be achieved from a more gentle or stronger stimulation. But it is important to remember that when doing massage, you need to include not only skillful hands, but also a smart head, since incorrect movements, especially during massage, can also harm your health, well, or at least not bring the desired result and not please your partner.

Types of massage for your man?

Even in ancient times, massage was known as a remedy. It was used by primitive people as a remedy. In China, massage began to be used in the third millennium BC.

A woman who has skillful hands and performs this procedure with love will bring her man tremendous pleasure and this will only enhance his feelings. Massage does not require special skills and knowledge. The only thing that needs to be done for the second half is to get acquainted with the most basic techniques and types of procedures, purchase special oil and ventilate the room. Once prepared, the process can begin.

Energy boost massage

If he is tired and falls exhausted, massage will help restore them, the basis of which is vibrating movements and light blows. From the outside you might think: who wants to be beaten! But in fact, such movements improve blood circulation and tone the muscles. And for these purposes, there is no more effective technique than light strikes. Lay your loved one on his stomach. Place your hands so that they are perpendicular to his body. And move from the shoulders to the lower back with quick striking movements. The blows are circular and sharp, made alternately with the ribs of slightly clenched fists. Then shape your palms into a cup and rhythmically stroke the skin with both hands in turn. There should be some space between your palm and his skin to create a vacuum. Thus, you will achieve a skin pulling effect. If you are massaging to invigorate it, try alternating patting and tapping with squeezing and kneading. But it is important to remember that if you want to achieve exactly the tonic effect, you should follow a specific sequence of massage. We start with a back massage, go to the pelvic area and the back of the thighs, then massage the chest, legs and front of the thighs.