Massage accessories

Aroma oils
Erotic massage can be done with dry hands, or with oil. The choice of oil is a serious matter. The scent can cause absolutely opposite effects – from relaxation to arousal. It is difficult to complete the massage if the man is full of energy, so choose a relaxing (orange blossom, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, lemon) or neutral scents (almond, sandalwood). It is best to use special massage oils – they do not irritate the mucous membranes. You can get by with ordinary oil, just do not use it to massage the genitals. Massage Creams Special water-based massage creams facilitate the movement of hands over the body, help warm up the muscles, and are easily absorbed. They are sold in pharmacies and sex shops. You can take a nourishing cream, but it is not suitable for massaging the genitals.


If you are not happy with the prospect of removing oil stains from the sheet for a long time and persistently, you can replace the lubricants with moisture-absorbing powders: talcum powder, rice powder, or baby powder. They are non-irritating, non-marking and can be easily removed with a napkin.

Tassels, feathers, fur, silk.

The most delicate fingers will not touch the skin as easily as a fluffy feather, soft tassel, thin silk scarf or fur lint. But do not caress your stomach, sides and feet with them – tickling will turn the game into torture.


In the right hands, anyone, even an anti-cellulite massager, can diversify the massage and give the partner even more pleasure.


The scalding touch of ice is very exciting. The inner surfaces of the legs and arms, breasts, nipples, stomach and face are especially sensitive to such caress. Many men like it when a piece of ice melts between the hot walls of the anus. Freeze the ice yourself or buy, for example, special scented ice for the Kenzoki body. You can freeze the juice and slowly lick the sweet drops from the skin, alternating wide, smooth movements of the tongue with gentle teasing nibbles – this technique is called “cherry blossom”.

Types of erotic massage

Swedish (classical) – in fact, this is an ordinary general massage, but it easily becomes erotic, as soon as the masseuse undresses and perform all the movements more gently.
English – massage with a feather, a fur glove (available in a sex shop) or a soft brush.

Thai (body massage) – the masseuse works with the whole body (in addition to the hands, hair, nipples and genitals are actively used).

Foam (aquamassage) – done in the bath: warm water helps to relax, and the skin enjoys the bubbles of aromatic foam.