About erotic massage

What do you know about erotic massage

Эротический VIP массажQuestions about sensuality and eroticism can be found in various massage therapy books. For hundreds of years, massage therapy has been used for more than just soothing physical ailments. Ancient documents provide us with evidence that the topic of using massage in the field of arousal and eroticism was already of interest to people.

Erotic massage or sensual massage is based not only on influencing different parts of the body. This therapeutic massage is a combination of internal and external stimulation, and is aimed at increasing sensitivity, at the same time, increasing sexual arousal. This type of therapy is often recommended for couples because it has many positive effects, both physical and emotional. Partners can give each other sensual massage for a deeper emotional impact. Sensual massage is often a prelude to a couple’s sexual encounter.

In today’s world, women are often burdened with various stressful concerns. Erotic massage can be especially beneficial for them, helping them to deal with stress. By nature, women give more than they get in return, and they are often overwhelmed by various family and work problems. Massage in general and erotic massage in particular can be extremely beneficial for women, providing them with relaxation and wellness.

Massage does not require anything from a woman, all she has to do is relax and enjoy. This is a necessary component for erotic massage; a woman should leave all difficulties and problems outside the doors of the massage room. Over time, if you frequently take a course of sensitive massage, you will learn to overcome your daily problems, relaxing in moments of tension. Regardless of age, health or general well-being, erotic massage is beneficial for all women. It can help relieve pain from injury and illness, both physical and psychological. Erotic massage relaxes the body and supplies it with positive healing energy, enhancing internal regeneration. If a woman has difficulties with low self-esteem of her own sexuality, erotic massage will help relieve her of psychological prejudices. The power of touch in erotic massage will help remove obstacles to pleasure. It can help women feel their bodies, in some cases helping to achieve orgasm for the first time.

The massage creates an atmosphere of trust and openness. Sensual massage by definition insists on honest and open communication. The woman being massaged should only focus on enjoying the massage. She must take it seriously, because only by relaxing can she be healed and enjoy. In the process of erotic massage, pain disappears, this effect is quite expected. By banishing pain, you are taking the first step towards replacing it with more positive energy. As a result, those who receive erotic massage often leave with a feeling of perfect well-being.
Expansion of spirituality and a sense of connection with the universe is often the result of erotic massage. Its healing properties bring participants into closer union with each other. Women can more actively experience their femininity and come to a fuller understanding of what it means to be a woman. It heals, regenerates and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit, resulting in a stronger sense of wholeness. The woman becomes more integrated, discovering new levels of energy and creativity that she was not previously aware of.